Daisy Roots

Up To 4 Years !!

Did you know, most Daisy Roots designs are available in sizes up to 4 years (unless stated in the item description) ! They make perfect slippers and indoor play shoes !

All Daisy Roots shoes and boots are £20.00 (plus £3.50 P&P)

Please state the size requirewhen placing your order.

Order/Pay by phone – 01204 306403

Sizes Available

0-6 months

6-12 months

12-18 months

18-24 months

2-3 years

3-4 years



Embroidered Footprint White EFP15Embroidered Footprint Blue EFP06Embroidered Footprint Pink EFP07Bunny Head White BUN15Bunny Head Blue BUN06Bunny Head Pink BUN07


 Daisy on pink FLW07Cupcake CUP04Apple APP04Flower on plum FLW28Birdy BDY15Pink stemmed flowers FLR07Pony PNY17Watering can and flowers WAT07Koala KBR15Dragon fly DFY21Daffodil DAF15Little Sister ELS07Rabbit RAB21Hearts HRT15 Butterfly on Lavender BUT54Flowers in denim pocket DFL23Flowers dark pink FLW04Pink leaves on white LEA15 Star is born pink STA07 Peacock PEA15Flower on red FLW02Flower pot Lilac FPT21Elephant on plum ELE28Cow COW04Flowers with ribbon FLR15Kitty on denim KTY23Navy two flowers FLW01Mouse on pink MOU07Poppy POP15Ladybird LDB07White daisies on red DAI02Pink with butterfly BUT04Teapot TPT15White SATIN ballet BAL26Pink Ballet BAL07 White Ballet BAL15 Buttermilk fabric ballet BAL24Mary Janes Navy MJS01Mary Janes Beige MJS55Grey Mary Janes lavender MJS54Grey Mary Janes white - MJS15Hedgehogs on plum1.jpgTeddy bear plum TED28Owl on plum OWL28c73-FAB15 Flower & butterfly .jpg


Tractor on Navy TRA01Monkey MNK02Crocodile CRC18Helicopter HLC06Embroidered Little Brother ELB54Highland Cow HCW01Embroidered Campervan on Beige ECV06Tortoise TOR18Sharks SHK14Panda PBR02Dinosaur DIN14Lion on Navy LIO01Train TRN02Dog on Navy DOG01Tool Pocket DP023Star is Born Blue STA06Giraffe GIR14Hippo on Black HIP25Pale Blue with Stripes STR06Smart Trainer TRN01Bee BEE02Zebra ZEB06Lamb LAM06Frog FRG23Dog on Beige DOG55Mouse on Beige MOU55Mole MLE01Caterpillar CAT23Teddy Bear on Denim TED23Gingerbread Man on White GBM15Gingerbread Man on Red GBM02Hedgehog HHG18Owl on Beige OWL55

Furry Boots & Suede Winter Warmers

Furry Boots Leopard FAN08Pink Furry Boots FPI07White Furry Boots FWH15Winter Warmers SBT08